Technical Support Contractor guide
Our goal at Johnstone Supply is to assist your business selling and installing solid systems from trusted manufactures by providing application, installation, service, and sales training. When you have operational problems and the manufacturer’s technical support is unable to solve your issue, our Technical Service Advisors Curtis Barr and Greg Astin are here to assist. Here is how to best engage support.

 (1) Factory Support: Use the factory tech support lines listed above when possible and establish a case number, then attach that case number to your job file, so it can be referred to later if needed. Factory techs are compiling information from across the nation and are there to support you in the field. It is their only job. The factory can often pre-authorize warranty claims when needed.​​​​

 (2) Gather the technical information related to your issue and start a Johnstone Technical Service Request Case: Use the links below to start a more comprehensive approach to your issue. The information requested in the on-line forms is the baseline data we need most often to assist you. Using the form establishes a Johnstone case number (in addition to a factory case number you might have already received in step 1) as well as an email trail to help keep things moving and establishes a permanent record tracking system going forward. Curtis and Greg receive these forms directly and you also get an email receipt for your records. You can attach pictures and videos to the case as well to help in the diagnosis.

 (3) Text our TSAs: When factory support is not enough or not available, please text our TSA’s, Curtis Barr and Greg Astin for extra support. Often Curtis or Greg can answer your question immediately or provide a suggestion for the next step. If you have not already started a Johnstone Technical Support Request Case, Curtis or Greg may direct you to do so as the next step.

 (4) Our TSA will review the Johnstone Technical Support Request Case information that you have entered and get back to you with suggested next steps. Next steps sometimes will include an appointment time facilitated with the Johnstone TSA in the office and your technician on site, utilizing smart devices for pictures, video clips, Facetime, Skype, etc. This technology often allows more flexibility to better meet you and your customers scheduling needs. As needed we will also schedule job site visits by Curtis and Greg along side your technician. Please note that Johnstone Supply TSA’s do not actually perform any service work. A qualified technician from your company with proper tools must be on site to perform all work and communicate with the homeowner. Technicians are expected to be on site and at the unit ready to go when the Johnstone TSA arrives at the scheduled time. No shows for job site visits will be billed a flat $95.

Please note that in the following circumstances Johnstone Supply Technical Service Advisors are not available for job site visits:

  1. The products in question were not purchased from Johnstone Supply of Bellevue-Bremerton-Ferndale- Tacoma.

  2. Someone other than the original installing contractor who purchased the equipment from Johnstone Supply of Bellevue-Bremerton-Ferndale-Tacoma is requesting technical support.

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