PNW UTility Rebate
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Confirm equipment tonnage. Up to 5.4 Tons? Great! Over 5.4 Tons? You will need to reach out to our commercial department for rebate processing.(


Confirm the equipment qualifies for the instant rebate and gather the AHRI# (1 AHRI# per form).

Need help? Download our sortable qualifying equipment document​ for confirmation


Confirm the the homeowner/business is a customer of a partnered electric utility.


Using the submission form, enter the required equipment & end-user information.

  • NOTE: It's important that the person applying for the rebate validates the end-user's electric utility and address where the equipment is installed. This is why we cannot submit rebates on behalf of our customers. See the F.A.Q. for more info.

  • The submission form can accept new orders, new quotes, and process rebates for past invoiced orders.



For Unitary & Ductless equipment, the rebate is tied to the AHRI#. This means only one form submission per AHRI#.

Fortunately, we've made it easy to search for qualifying equipment and corresponding AHRI#'s! 


Download our AHRI Qualified Product List  (updated to include Hitachi)


Use the sorting functions to narrow down your choices. (Tip: Start sorting by Brand, then by Outdoor unit). Need help with this? Check out the How-To Video below.


Once you've narrowed down your selections, note the Rebate "Tier" and copy the HSPF & AHRI# information over to the form.



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Previous Orders

New Orders & Quotes

After selecting the rebate I am claiming do I still need to add the equipment part #'s to the order?

YES! Claiming the rebate is different from ordering the products. Both are required to get the rebat + the equipment & accesories on the same invoice.


My Commercial job building type doesn't fit any of the listed descriptions. What do I do?

While its best to choose the appropriate category, if none of them fit the job, then choose the "Other" category. We won't ask you for additional details.

My Commercial job is exactly 5.4 Tons. Can I submit with this form?

This form is inteded for residential & commercial jobs UNDER 5.4 Tons. If your job is Commercial and over 5.39 Tons, then you will need to reach out to our Commercial Quoting team directly for processsing assistance.


The homeowner/business is a PSE gas customer, but not electrical. Can I claim a rebate?

No, unless they happen to be a PSE gas customer & a Seattle City Light electric customer. Then you would claim the rebate after selecting the utility as SCL. The rebates are tied to the ELECTRIC utilty.

Why does the form keep erroring out before I'm done finishing?

Clicking the "ENTER" button is the same as submitting the form. If you click "ENTER" before you finish filling out the required fields, it will error out and highlight the fields that still require information.

After submitting the form, what happens next?

It depends on what you selected for "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?" New Orders: We will process your order and apply your instant rebate. You will be invoiced with the instant rebate deducted. Your invoice will reflect this rebate as its own line item. New Quotes: We will store you quote in our system along with the rebate information from the form. When you are ready to "flip" it to an actual order, give us a call and we will take care of it. Previous Orders: Our inside sales professionals will match your rebate request with your original invoice. Once confirmed, we will apply the credit to a new invoice. We are unable to confirm your utility/installation address information during this process, and the utility's audit system with catch errors.

Do I need to provide the homeowner/company invoice?

Nope! We don't need the invoice between you and your customer. You are required to verify the information entered into this form though!

Will my rebate get audited by the utility?

Perhaps. Each utility will perform its own audits to ensure the program is meeting their energy goals. They will NOT surprise your customers with unannounced visits. They will also not request your customer invoice to prove the rebate was accounted for.

These rebate amounts seem to good to be true. What's the catch?

There is no "catch." The utilities are interested in energy conservation in the long term. That's why they are encouraging higher efficiency equipment sales. They also recognize that you can sell a consumer a higher efficiency piece of (qualifying) equipment for less with this rebate, which is a win-win for you and the utility!

I have a Snohomish PUD (SnoPUD) customer. Why isn't Ductless & Unitary equipment available for a rebate?

Unfortunately those aren't available through the Snohomish (SnoPUD) utility at this time. There are encouraging talks around that coming in the future, but we can't guarentee it (nor can we speak for them).

How do I confirm the customer's utility?

The simplest way would be to ask them, but often times people confuse their gas & electric utilities. For potential PSE/SCL customers, we recomend calling the special utility hotline at (503) 914-0008. For potential SnoPUD customers, check the "Qualified Installation Zip Codes" in our "SnoPUD Program Details" link at the top of the page. There is also additional contact information if the utility is still questionable.

Can I "double dip" this midstream rebate with existing PSE downstream utility rebates?

Yes! See the chart below. the downstream programs in GREEN are active & can be combined with this midstream rebate program. NOTE: the downstream incentives are submitted seperately and are not included on our submission form.

Can I call or email in a rebate submission for Johnstone to process for me?

Unfortunately not. It is important that the person applying for the rebate validates the end-user's electric utility and address where the equipment is installed. Since we can not independently verify the information submitted for the rebate, it is required that the contractor enter this information into the submission form. We are unable to fill out the form on your behalf.

I'm a COD customer. How will I reveice my rebate credit?

For COD (Cash On Delivery) customers, we will write a check to you at the beginning of the month for any accumulated rebates. Alternatively, you can call our accounting department (253-830-3406) if you want your rebate credit sooner, and we can arrange to have the credit put back on to your credit card.

Please explain the different residential building types.

MULTIFAMILY HIGHRISE = 5 stories or above

MULTIFAMILY LOWRISE = 4 stories or fewer

SINGLE FAMILY = standalone home

OTHER RESIDENTIAL = duplex, ADU, tiny home, any other random things not accounted for above

Water Heaters

Do I need an AHRI# for the water heater rebate?

Nope! We have collected the AHRI#'s for the qualifying Water Heaters and we will submit that information to the utility for you!

I don't see my water heater listed in the dropdown.

If it's not listed, then unfortunately it doesn't qualify for a rebate at this time.

Why don't I get to choose my water heater rebate?

Our partnership with the participating utilites has ensured that ALL qualifying water heaters earn a $500 instant rebate!

Rebate Type/AHRI#

Explain the AHRI# Requirement.

The AHRI# helps confirm the qualifying equipment for the rebate. We are only asking for 1 AHRI# for each new order/bid submission, so ONE form submission per AHRI#.

Where can I check the AHRI# from the equipment?

You can check it on the AHRI website, OR we have created a handy document that you can sort to locate your AHRI# based on qualifying equipment. Please click the button at the top of this page to download the document.

What is the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 rebates?

Other than the rebate value, the primary differnece is the efficiency of the equipment. Higher efficiency equipment generally fall under Tier 2 and qualify for higher rebates.

AHRI Qualified Product List: What's difference between "Mixed" and "Ductless"

"Mixed" is any system that has a ducted unit installed with the qualifying system. "Ductless" is any qualifying system that is non-ducted

Can you make me a AHRI Cheat sheet for the models only I care about?

Sure! Reach out to your sales rep and they can help narrow down the AHRI selections that apply to you.